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PRSSA Conference Recap

Published by Christina on November 6, 2013, in Startups

It’s hard to believe the PRSSA conference is over. Months of planning, preparations, fundraisers and anticipation occurred for those fabulous 5 days. It took me a few days after returning home to process everything I learned, everyone I met and the great impression the Nevada chapter left. There were so many great speakers and information packed in such a short time frame.

Some of the accomplished speakers at the conference were Mary Henige from General Motors, Christopher Brown from Stanford Children’s Hospital, Brian Solis from Altimeter Group, and Rae Bazzarre and Katherine McLane from Livestrong’s crisis communication team. Now you see why I needed a few days to fully comprehend everything?

One important thing I am taking away from this conference is the networking and relationships I’ve established. They’re professional and dependable relationships that have the possibilities of benefiting both parties and the organizations involved. I think networking and building trustworthy relationships is even more important in non-profit PR. These relationships can open doors to new connections, sponsors, and resources for non-profits. Mutually beneficial relationships can help a non-profit reach and exceed a set goal.

The conference also gave me a clear picture of where my skills learned in school can apply and helped me see different ways I can use them. I left the conference with a clear picture of the PR world, what it entails and what the options are with it., and I’m sure PR is the right choice for me!

Written by: Maura Connor