2021 Nevada Women’s Fund Scholarship Reception


In 2021, Nevada Women’s Fund (The Fund) received over 900 applications for educational funding from women throughout Northern Nevada. The Allocations Committee, serving the specific mission of The Fund, spent several months reading each application, reviewing applicants on financial need, community service, interest in serving the community-at-large in their field of study and personal adversity.

As an Allocations Committee member, and Nevada Women’s Fund Board member, serving in this capacity is an honor and a privilege. We read each and every story these women so bravely share, in doing so, these stories become a part of ours. We celebrate every successes, encourage aspirations, acknowledge trials and tribulations – we come together an empower our community with knowledge, intent and sheer passion to ensure every woman has the opportunity to pursue an education.

This year we were able to award 80 recipients almost $220,000 in funding. Unique to many scholarships, we fund the woman, not the institution. Whether it’s trade school or medical school, if you are facing hardships and have the heart and desire to achieve your goals, Nevada Women’s Fund has raised millions to ensure an education is within reach.

The 2022 cycle will begin in the new year, please visit https://www.nevadawomensfund.org/ for more information.

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