A Heartfelt Congratulations to Nevada’s WOA Class of 2023

A Salute to Women of Achievement

Each year, Nevada Women’s Fund issues a Salute to Women of Achievement at their annual luncheon to honor the deserving women in our community while supporting the NWF’s mission of empowering women of achievement.

Celebrating women of achievement empowers women to believe in themselves and their abilities. When women see other women achieving great things, they are more likely to believe that they too can achieve their goals. Women of achievement can be a source of inspiration and motivation for women who may be facing obstacles in their own lives. By celebrating their achievements, we can empower women to pursue their passions and make their dreams a reality.

Sunshine's Women of Achievement

Sunshine Tahoe is honored to support and present these Women of Achievement: Mari Hutchinson, ED, of STEP2; Liz McFarland, ED, and Cheree Boteler of Project 150.

These wonderful women bring their hearts, knowledge, skills, and “sunshine” to families, their organizations, and the entire community.

STEP2’s mission is to break the cycle of addiction and violence in families by helping women who are experiencing substance use disorders participate in rehabilitation services. Visit step2reno.org.

Project150 Reno provides basic needs to homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students, allowing them to focus on education and graduate from high school. Visit project150reno.org.

2023 Women of Achievement Luncheon

Recognizing and celebrating women of achievement is essential to acknowledge their contributions and inspire future generations. It shows appreciation for their hard work and dedication and can encourage other women to pursue their dreams and passions.

“For this year’s special 40th year celebration, I wish to sincerely congratulate and give recognition to everyone honored for their contributions.” – Christina Stoever-Young, Owner, Sunshine Tahoe

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