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The Dame Returns

Published by Christina on December 10, 2009, in General

Winding through the streets of Truckee, with our pooches in tow, we often admire many of the historic buildings and homes. We enjoy the unique architecture, lovingly manicured yards, and friendly faces that greet us on these special days.  What we find especially intriguing is the constant breeze through the air that almost whispers the stories of the homes, their many families over the years, and the hustle and bustle of what used to be Truckee’s most regarded neighborhood.

One home, in particular, continues to stop us in our tracks – The Richardson House.  The phenomenon is something that neither of us can explain. She’s so astute, like a proud dame overlooking historic Truckee ― a Queen overseeing her regime.

Because of our love for this house, a desire to leave a legacy for the unique Town of Truckee, and nothing short of raw determination, The Richardson House is now our home. (Although, I must caution, the use of the word “our” is extended to the community-at-large.) Our intent is to reintroduce her as a place many can enjoy. Whether her living areas are used as meeting places sites for non-profit organizations, her yard as a solstice for those looking for a quiet place to read or a couple to celebrate a special day, or her bedrooms enjoyed as a respite by locals and their guests alike, The Richardson House will soon return to Truckee society in all of her splendor.

Richardson House, Historic Truckee

Richardson House, Historic Truckee