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A Toast and Taste of Summer, Thursday, June 5 @ 6:00 p.m. 2014

Published by Christina on June 3, 2014, in Charitable Giving, General, Recent Projects

A Tremendous Success!

People living near and far gathered to celebrate unique wineries and microbreweries along with fine cuisine and specialty art in support of The Nevada Diabetes Association

Sunshine Tahoe and the Tahoe Rim Trail Association (TRTA) were proud to have celebrated the special evening with The Nevada Diabetes Association.

The popular event and showcased the latest and greatest summer gear as Scheels put on an impressive display. Thank you to the event participants that stopped by the Tahoe Rim Trail Association (TRTA) table, said hello, grabbed a hiking/biking map and joined the 2014 Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge. People loved the idea of such a healthy initiative for the entire family.

Did you know?

  • The Nevada Diabetes association served over 2700 people in 2013 with local programs and services.
  • Program enrollment was up 68% from the previous year.
  • The Reno family support group has become so large that it had to be moved to the Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum across the street for more room.
  • Received the Helmsley Charitable Trust Grant for being one of the best diabetes camps in the nation for the last several years.
  • Never tell a family that a child can not attend a camp because of financial reasons. we always find a way.
  • The NDA is run completely on private fundraising and grant sources and all funds raised stay in the community.
  • The NDA’s goal is to have a program for everyone affected by diabetes. Until there is a cure, we are here to help!
For more information, please visit the Northern Nevada Diabetes Association.

What will you do for your Country?

Published by Christina on October 7, 2013, in Career Advice, Charitable Giving, General, Startups

My father never misses an opportunity to remind me of how truly fortunate I am to be an American. Now that I am a mother, I always remind my son. Yes, I fly my flag out front of our home, cheer on our stars and stripes and proudly carry my American passport.

This past week I visited a country where the people would do ANYTHING to enjoy the lifestyle we are able to lead as Americans. Once my fear of men with machine guns, sniffing dogs and people living in sheer horrific poverty subsided, all I wanted to do was help. Yes, help. If you’re reading this, you are someone I adore, respect, admire and appreciate and know you’ll want to help too.

As we continue to watch and wait for what might happen with our government, I encourage you to set aside your political frustrations and instead, make a difference. What can you and your family, friends and colleagues do to help this week? Prepare meals for meal kitchens and churches in the community? Donate clothing? Visit an elder to ensure they are warm, fed and clothed? Coordinate assistance in healthcare? Make donations to local programs to help our homeless? Go see a vet at the VA and lend an ear to someone who bravely put their life on the line for our stars and stripes.

Yes, we are the land of the free. Now, let’s show this world that we are truly the home of the brave.

I suspect you might recognize a few of these lyrics…

Sunset, Truckee California

“Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave…”

I’m sharing this message with incredible pride and great faith, as I know we are all here to step-up and lead. If you are feeling unsure as to “how” to help, pick up any history book, as my father always says, “The one certainty about history is that it always repeats itself.”


Edited by: Maura Connor

What is your Heart Stone?

Published by Christina on September 17, 2013, in Career Advice, Case Studies, Recent Projects

What is your heart stone?

For the past seven years I have had the absolute pleasure of attending a very special event, Trails & Vistas. As an experienced marketer, I still have difficulty explaining the event. Those of you that have attended Trails & Vistas often say the same when you leave the trail, all you know is that you are encouraged to “let go” of daily life and “check-in” to nature.

This year’s journey included a special devotion to heart stones. Every attendee was invited to open a vessel, look at the heart shaped stone inside that’s settled in the sand. Then everyone looked even further as each heart had a very small colored stone inside. We were asked to remember the color of this tiny stone, close our eyes and hold the heart stone close to our own heart.

We all received different colors and for different reasons, none of which I can explain. As we closed our eyes and held our individual stone to our heart, the definition of the color of the stone was read aloud – the silence was deafening.

Purple means protection and purification, blue means mood uplifting, orange means courage and vitality, yellow means optimism, green means prosperity, pink means love and gentleness. As the colors continued to be read, I was surrounded by tears, smiles and a whirlwind of emotion. When my color was read aloud, I immediately knew it WAS the right stone for me and I’m confident I wasn’t alone.

As we proceeded, I was excited and exhilarated and I couldn’t wait to share the color of my stone to my husband. When we shared our different colors and their individual meaning, they each made perfect sense in our life as it is today.

I wouldn’t say it changed me or even made me a different person, quite honestly, it was the contrary. The experience reminded me of exactly who I am, and I intend to stay like this.

Please remember, all well-intended efforts start from the heart… so why not allow them to end with your heart as well?

edited by: Maura Connor

Tahoe Rim Trail Association Trail Challenge

Published by Christina on July 2, 2013, in Charitable Giving, Recent Projects

Offering incredible views of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada, the 165-mile long Tahoe Rim Trail is one of the world’s most scenic trails. Established in Tahoe in 1981, the Tahoe Rim Trail Association is a membership-supported organization that maintains and enhances the Tahoe Rim Trail.

“Our new program highlights alpine lakes and creeks, wildflower meadows, waterfalls, amazing vista points, and unique  geologic features. We’re still in the early phase of the first-ever Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge, so now is the time to round up your friends and coworkers to start an incredible summer adventure,” said Kristine Mitchell, TRTA’s Vice President of Trail Use. “Depending upon the trail and season, you can bike, hike, ride horseback, ski or snowshoe to the Trail Challenge destinations. It’s all about fun – get out there and go!”

The Trail Challenge is a self guided outdoor recreation program offered by the Tahoe Rim Trail Association (TRTA). Everyone who registers becomes eligible for many on-the-trail giveaways. Coming up soon, Squeeze In, a favorite restaurant that is consistently voted Best Breakfast in North Tahoe, Truckee and Reno and home of “The Best Omelettes on the Planet,” is offering up to 300 EggHead Gifs on Saturday, July 6, and Sunday, July 7, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. exclusively for Trail Challenge participants.

Squeeze In President, Shila Morris exclaimed, “We live here too! This is our community and our trail. The Squeeze has been a favorite with hikers and outdoor enthusiasts for decades. We love the opportunity to support the Tahoe Rim Trail. We’d like to help you get egg on your face with a free breakfast!”

Additional surprise giveaways are planned throughout the summer and fall. Registration also includes access to a special members-only web page where participants share pictures and trail experiences, a trail tech T-shirt and a full year TRTA membership. The website offers descriptions of the six Trail Challenge locations, photo and story sharing capability, and electronic tracking of individual achievements.

Wondering which places along the Tahoe Rim Trail have been selected for 2013? Part of the fun of joining the challenge is discovering the absolutely stunning sites.  Here’s a peak – one journey takes you 2.5 miles roundtrip with an elevation gain of 700 feet and culminates with a spectacular waterfall and stunning Lake Tahoe vistas. Another site is 3.5 miles roundtrip and features wild flowers blooming in a lush meadow. Register online to learn more about these amazing sites and begin your adventure on the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Join the Trail Challenge to get started in 2013. Trail Challenge membership costs $55 for individuals, $85 for couples and there are custom corporate packages. Existing TRTA members can enroll for just $20. For details and registration visit www.tahoerimtrail.org.

Support for the 2013 Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge comes from individuals and companies including NV Energy, Spin GamesREI, Desert Research Institute (DRI), The Weekly, 101.5 Tahoe Truckee RadioKOLO 8, Reno Gazette-JournalCapital Public Radio as well as Sunshine Tahoe, Squeeze InKristineMitchell.comKPS|3, North American Embroidery and NC Communications.


Read a little about what a few of our incredible sponsors have to say:

Kristine Mitchell, TRTA Vice President of Trail Use

“Our new program highlights alpine lakes and creeks, wildflower meadows, waterfalls, amazing vista points, and unique geologic features. We’re still in the early phase of the first-ever Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge, so now is the time to round up your friends and coworkers to start an incredible summer adventure,” said Kristine Mitchell, TRTA’s Vice President of Trail Use. “Depending upon the trail and season, you can bike, hike, ride horseback, ski or snowshoe to the Trail Challenge destinations. It’s all about fun – get out there and go!”

Desert Research Institute – DRI

“The Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge presents our faculty, students and staff with a unique motivation to get outside and explore a region we sincerely treasure,” said Dr. Stephen Wells, President of the Desert Research Institute (DRI). “For several decades DRI scientists have produced an array of comprehensive scientific studies to better understand the region’s complex ecology. This work, combined with the environmental stewardship efforts lead by community organizations like the TRTA is providing the road map to a healthier future for the entire Tahoe basin.” DRI joins Spin Games, NV Energy and REI among other corporate participants in support of the 2013 Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge.

Squeeze In

“The Tahoe Rim Trail is the perfect way to highlight the majestic beauty that makes our little slice of heaven world famous. For nearly four decades, the Squeeze In has been a local favorite and we are thrilled to be partnering with the TRTA to reward the hikers who take on the challenge. Whether you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast, or you just like a good hike, you will love experiencing these amazing trails, and you’ll certainly love having a free breakfast at Squeeze In afterwards.”
“We live here too, this is our community and our trail. The Squeeze has been a favorite with hikers and outdoor enthusiasts for decades. We love the opportunity to support the Tahoe Rim Trail. We’d like to help you get egg on your face with a free breakfast!”


Sunshine Tahoe Donates $10,000 To Tahoe Truckee’s Trails & Vistas

Published by Christina on April 25, 2013, in Charitable Giving, General, Recent Projects


I am so proud to honor the creativity and sheer sense of wonder in Trails & Vistas’ annual art hikes. To recognize and support Nancy Tieken Lopez’ imagination and incredible talent, Sunshine Tahoe has donated $10,000 for Trails & Vistas 10th anniversary. Trails & Vistas’ art hikes blend world-class artistic expression with walking in nature.  Following the public art hikes, local third grade students have the opportunity to experience Trails & Vistas field trips in Donner Park.


On Sept. 7 & 8, 2013 people from around the country will hike along the Pacific Crest Trail on Donner Summit and experience award-winning live music, dance, storytelling, sculpture and painting. The theme for Trails & Vistas 10th anniversary art hikes is “Reflections.” More than 30 participating artists will perform aside stunning alpine lakes and breathtaking vistas. The guided art hikes will be offered every 15 minutes from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Advance purchase is highly recommended the event has sold out every year! Tickets cost $30 for adults and  $10 for children.

In addition to the art hikes, a 10th anniversary concert will take place at the Truckee Regional Park Amphitheatre from 6 to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 7. Performers include double-neck guitarist Ian Ethan Case from Boston, MA, Reno Taiko Tsurunokai, a Japanese drum group from Reno, NV and the forty-piece San Jose State Symphony Orchestra plus an opening act by Ann Licater, a world flutist from Los Angeles. Artist Susie Alexander from Truckee will paint while the orchestra plays and a ballerina from Inner Rhythms will be painted on stage – both performance art pieces are highly anticipated. General admission tickets are $20, but when combines with art hike tickets they are 50 percent off.

After four incredibly successful years running Truckee’s Historical Haunted Tour, a fundraising event conceived, created and produced by Sunshine Tahoe, the October 2013 Tour, has been cancelled. In lieu of the event, Sunshine Tahoe, the founder and producer of the Tour, is donating $10,000 to Trails & Vistas.

“The purpose of Trails & Vistas is to reestablish bonds between individuals and others and individuals and nature. Putting art in this context changes the experience and the audience. We are so grateful for Sunshine Tahoe’s past and ongoing support,” says Nancy Tieken Lopez, Trails & Vistas founder and executive director. “Christina’s valuable contributions – both in expertise, her time and financial support – will undoubtedly culminate in the long term success and ongoing growth of Trails & Vistas.”


Trails & Vistas is a non-profit organization that seeks to create experiences of art in nature that inspires environmental awareness. Partnered with Truckee Donner Land Trust, Inner Rhythms Dance Theatre and the KidZone Children’s Museum, Trails & Vistas and the partnering organizations believe the annual art hikes strengthens the ties between the Land Trust and arts organizations in the Lake Tahoe Truckee region and also increases participants’ commitment to building a stronger community and environmental stewardship through creative expression. In addition to art hikes, the organization’s programs include Helping the Wild and contributing an original painting to the 20 mile museum created by the Donner Summit Historical Society. Learn more at trailsandvistas.org.

Edited by: Maura

The Magnificent Richardson House Could Be Yours

Published by Christina on January 28, 2012, in General

The Richardson House has become a hub of great interest from potential buyers as of late. Up until this stage, it was a concept we weren’t ready to consider.  After several emotional discussions, we have decided to open The Richardson House to the possibility of a sale.

Our potential buyer could be a past guest that fell in love with the house and would love to use it as their second home (all-the-while keeping the business running as a full-time vacation rental).  Another possible buyer could be one of our very own locals, looking for a wonderful family home and very special place to conduct business.  Or, it could quite possibly be an out-of-area investor that shares our long-term vision of the value of owning and operating this unique and completely refurbished magnificent home. Whether we sell, or not, the home will remain very close to our hearts. For now, we continue to carry on in a business as usual capacity providing our stream of guests with the utmost of service. Please remember Truckee locals and their families receive a very special price structure and of course, our local not-for-profits remain invited to use the house anytime it isn’t otherwise booked. Looking for a a very special holiday home to enjoy in beautiful Truckee please contact our property management team at Pullen 877-526-5336.

If you are interested in the possibility of being the next caretaker of this incredible home, contact Ronda Shaw at 530-448-1982, rshaw@dicksonrealty.com and be sure to view the following link – http://ronda.shaw.dicksonrealty.com/homes/20131877_TSMLS-10154_High_Street-Truckee-CA-96161. The house, the majority of furnishings and all major business components are included in the offer. Thank you, as always, for your gracious support!