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Let a little Sunshine into your world.

How About Letting A Little Sunshine Into Your World?

That just sounds nice, doesn’t it. And if you get nothing else from Christina it is that: nice. While being perpetually pleasant, Christina is also driven by a desire to get things done. In the often overwhelming world of bringing together not-for-profits and the business community, she possesses an uncanny ability to disarm even the most hardened players in any given situation and manages to get everyone and everything pointed in the right direction.

There is what you want to achieve, then there is actually getting there. Sunshine is the most pleasant bridge you will likely ever walk across to reach your goal. From big picture thinking for special events of any size and scope to the smallest logistical minutiae of communications guidelines, crisis management, public relations and advertising support, Sunshine makes it all better.

From Those Who Have Stepped Into The Sunshine

A recurring theme from those who have had the pleasure of working with Sunshine…

“Over the past two years, my expectations have been overwhelmingly surpassed by Christina Stoever’s flawless marketing abilities.  Mrs. Stoever’s focus and energy; planning and strategy skills; and an innate ability to lead and direct the entire marketing and public relations has offered Trails & Vistas an exceptional level of success. Christina created and implemented a new marketing department that has dramatically improved our organization. As a dynamic leader, Christina has the acumen to see a complex project through to completion, while possessing an attitude that is both inspiring and personable. Her contributions will undoubtedly culminate in the long term success of Trails & Vistas.”
Nancy Lopez, Trails and Vistas Executive Director

“As a partner in a marketing firm, my goal was always to surround myself with the best people possible to meet client needs.  When our agency finally brought Christina Stoever-Young on board, we were thrilled, she delivered a new level of professionalism and raw, brilliant talent to our team.

Christina Stoever Young’s talent and energy shine through whether she is working on a multi-million dollar product line, a company launch or a pro-bono project close to her heart.  Our clients were always well served and thrilled to have Christina’s personal brand of strategic guidance coupled with diligence and the success she ALWAYS delivers.  Christina is “a marketer’s marketer,” the person I turn to for strategic guidance and advice when I need it.”
Misty Young, Squeeze In, Inc. President and Chief Marketing Officer

“Christina Stoever Young is a consummate young professional. We first met when I was a reporter for the business section, and have stayed close as colleagues. When I first met her I could tell she was passionate about her work as she talked about the company she worked for and the projects she thought deserved attention.  She’s one of those people who is impossible not to like.  She surrounds herself with projects she is passionate about so you know when she calls you are hearing from someone who truly cares about what she does.  She is a refreshing change to the way business is often done.”
Siobhan McAndrew, Reno Gazette Journal

“Christina guided KTMB’s marketing strategy for several years helping us to ‘brand’ KTMB as more than just one program. Christina brings passion and energy to every project and was an incredible resource for the staff and board.  She always made time for me and even during challenging times made things easy.  Thank you Christina!”
Christi Cakiroglu, Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful Executive Director

“Christina’s marketing talent is unparalleled.  She is sharp and focused.  Her clarity of vision and high command of all marketing platforms allow her to create effective strategies to best achieve her client’s goals. She has the ability to think big, and the management, organization and tactical skills to execute projects efficiently and on time.  Christina brings passion and enthusiasm to everything she does and she is a true joy to work with. I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with Christina and hope our paths will cross again in the future.”
Emily Wofford former R&R Partners, Public Relations Account Supervisor